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情感 果然還是都是主觀臆想的吧 見了面泡泡就會被戳破 閉著眼的愛還是美好 不如不見


intention, distill to pure,
intuition, clear the path,
growing antenna reaching inwardly,
sentient beings.



そろそろシャワーで 寝ますよ





my parents came yesterday, hurried home but i can’t help feeling anxious. i tried to hide it. our relationship since growing up has always been on and off. twelve years of growing wild in ny, i haven’t been close to them, haven’t lived with them, the older i grow the more guilt i grow, the more guilt the direr i want to be alone, but who’s actually an island? family, friends, sticky love, can’t live without any of it.

mom called me to the bathroom, slathered oil on my left hand and squeezed a jade bracelet into it. with my screaming there’s two light bruises formed. my wrist has always been free and this made me feel hand-cuffed. i forced a smile and tried to hide my awkwardness. next day i put on my iwatch, the jade hitting the watch rim from time to time, occasionally on my working table, timly reminding me, this is mom’s love.







today is a serendipity day, after a whole week of gloom, woke up with the brightest sun. i stood up and promised the sun im returning the gratitude with an outing. i texted under a convo with Sebit last night, whatchu doing, and we came to one that we must go out today. showered and dried hair, dusted off my fav navy trench, stepped into a white flat and rushed out.

meeting 51j for dinner spontaneously, found a set of mini cutlery on the street, with silly talks and jokes, got sit in kong sihk tong, ate, and left home with gratitude.

im just a big head plant.
𓉸ྀི shh... dont tell
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talk to me about the universe, but also the weather today.