First Things First is a design manifesto first published in 1964 by Ken Garland. This is the 2000 edition copy, edited by various authors. It touches the definition of designer and creatives. It claims commercial works are draining designers' energy and abusing our talents. Instead, we should put energy into the improvement of human society. It has been signed by numerous famous designers. 

This is a personal branding project interpreting my view on this. Partially I understand and agree on the intention of the claim, yet commercial is also what's pushing society moving and supporting human lives. We do need dog biscuits, coffee, butt toners, detergents, hair gel, etc. 

Back of it is simply an elegant way of tossing it, contradicting the strong loud Manifesto Idea on the front. Adding barcode and merchandise items are also simply an elaborate way of sarcasm of turning itself into a "commercial work".